The M Perspective

Our goal is simple: we want to help you sell your property for the highest possible price. Through bringing our knowledge, experience, and combined skills in negotiation to the table, we believe M Residential is perfectly positioned to realise the optimum result for your home.

Whether it’s your family home or part of an investment portfolio, the objective is the same: to realise the greatest capital growth possible in the current market and have your property transaction handled in a timely manner with the highest level of integrity.

M Residential is a family business. Established on Mill Point Road, South Perth as McCamey and Company back in 1986, the company has served the real estate needs of residents and investors in South Perth, Kensington, Como and Victoria Park for just over 25 years. From 2002 to 2011, we operated as a franchisee for The Professionals; continuing to sell and manage property in the area with the same vision and passion, but under the banner of a national franchise.

Now, in 2011, the seed that was planted two and half decades ago is bearing new fruit. We’re bringing a fresh, youthful, optimistic and sophisticated approach to real estate in your area.

In short: we’re new but we’ve been here for years, and we know both the area in which you live, and those that surround them.

Excellent! In fact, all of the staff at M Residential were fantastic.  This has been such an improved and enjoyable experience compared to past experience with other real estate agencies in Perth. If I was going to rent the property I have recently purchased, I would definitely use M Residential to manage it for me. They professional, courteous, helpful and diligent.

R Hayward