Are you aware of the equity in your investment property?

by Administrator 28. May 2014 01:38

Many property investors are not aware of the current value of their property and as a result are unaware of the equity they hold in their property(s).


By utilising the equity that you have in your investment property, you may be able to purchase another investment property and in some instances with no or little additional out of pocket expenses.


Simply call M Residential and we can arrange a market appraisal and we may be able to assist you in growing your property investment portfolio through using the potential equity in your property.



RENT REVIEWS - To Increase or Not To Increase?

by Administrator 20. May 2014 23:26

We understand that prompt and ongoing rent payments are the lifeblood of property investors.

We suggest that rent levels should be maintained at or slightly below market rent levels in order to keep pace with increasing costs and to ensure that the tenant does not vacate due to an above market rent increase.

When recommending a rent increase to you we take into account the nature in which the tenancy is being conducted, how the property compares with others that are presently on the market and ask, if the property became vacant today what rent would it realise?

There are times that we may recommend that the rent level remain unchanged due to market conditions.

We have found that the properties for which investors increase the rent to above market levels have higher vacancy levels than those who maintain rents at or slightly below market prices. Therefore, increasing rent to above market levels is false economy as it results in a higher turn over of tenants, high vacancy and lost income.

It is worth noting that tenants are better educated  today and are aware of the market rent for a given type of property in a given location. This information is readily available by simply navigating the various internet portal websites.

By increasing rents to slightly below market rent, your tenant is aware that they are not being rent gouged and are more likely to remain in the property. This ensures full occupancy for you and a continuing income stream.

Our job is to maximise the income for your investment property. We achieve this by not only increasing rents but by ensuring that you have a steady income stream and lower vacancy rates. Maintaining rents at or slightly below market level achieves both objectives.


Getting A Third Quote Is NOT The Answer

by Administrator 6. May 2014 23:34

It is natural to obtain more than one quote when undertaking major work around the family home or investment property such as replacing a stove, repainting and re-carpeting.

In the majority of cases, most people obtain two quotes to ensure that the best deal is being obtained. All too often however, property investors call for a third quote.

We, at M Residential have found that a growing number of contractors are now charging for quotes (which is reasonable when 'bargain hunters' can waste their valuable time) and if successful are deducting the cost from the work invoice.

By calling for three quotes, property investors are delaying the repair or refurbishment which costs them more money again in the form of lost rent that could have been being collected in this time.

M Residential has a ready source of reliable, proven and trustworthy contractors who can provide quotes quickly, often at little or no cost (due to the ongoing relationship) and at a reasonable invoice price.                 

Avoid the three quote syndrome and save yourself money by enabling the work to be done sooner and your property to start earning an income.


Leading Property Managers of Australia 2014 Awards for Excellence

by Administrator 1. May 2014 17:52

The winners have been announced for the LPMA 2014 Awards for Excellence. Local property management business M Residential has won the Best Property Management Website Award. 

LPMA is an elite group of professionals made up of the very best property management practitioners and companies. They are at the forefront of Australian property management practice, and their Awards are highly sought after.  By being announced as the winner, these firms and individuals are recognised as the very best in the property management industry.  They lead the way in professionalism, professional development and industry standards.

Bob Walters, Executive Director of LPMA said “All finalists in these Awards are of such a high standard that it was very difficult to separate the winners”.

“LPMA Members are governed by a Code of Practice and exemplify the highest levels of professionalism and innovation, therefore these Award winners are deserving the highest honour that we can bestow” Bob added.

The M Residential team are thrilled to have won this award, presented at the Leading Property Managers of Australia Gala Awards Dinner on Thursday 3 April 2014 at the Surfers Paradise Marriott Resort & Spa.

We would like to thank all of our wonderful clients, advertisers and subscribers, whose support and encouragement has brought us to where we are today.

We would also like to congratulate all of the other award winners and finalists on their amazing achievements.


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