Dear Laura, Sarah and all the team at M Residential-THANK YOU for all you have done in guiding and supporting me over the past 18 months while my property was vacant in a very difficult market and during the renovation process. I so appreciated your offers of help and the arrangements you made to have trades attend to provide quotes, cleaning and rubbish removal. I could not have completed the renovations without you! Sarah, you have been extraordinary and the best personal assistant a land lady could have! You were always available to talk to, or to problem solve tricky situations in the most prompt and professional manner. I am so grateful for you and look forward to many more wonderful years working with you.And finally CONGRATULATIONS to all involved in securing a long awaited tenant for 25/59 King George Street! The relief that I am feeling knowing that my beloved apartment (now looking more lovely than ever) is finally securely tenanted for 6 months is just wonderful. The financial security is a long overdue relief for all of us.Please pass on my gratitude to ALL involved at M Residential! I will pop in and see you soon and to collect any paint cans and other bits and pieces you are so kindly storing for me. With warm thanks