Dear Laura, I hope you are well. I am Sami, the tenant of Garvey Street. I have been in your country for almost five years. I had terrible experiences with two real estate agencies before though, I and my wife were taking the utmost care of the properties we occupied and paid rents prior to due dates. I and my wife must admit and highly appreciate the lovely treatment and the high quality and disciplined behaviour that we have enjoyed from you through the manager of the property, Ms. Megan. She is really a nice person. She always attends with respect to my wife’s broken English. She cares for every single minute observation. She is always enthusiastic and responds promptly for the repairs my wife shows her. She is always patient with us though we are internationals and perhaps we are intolerable. I am sure that she is a representative of you and your staff. I congratulate you for having such great and lovely staff. Best regards,