My experience with M Residential, and particularly Laura Levisohn, I must say has been exceptional. I was wanting to rent out my investment property in Scarborough and had already had the “experts in the area” come in and take a look at my newly renovated villa only to be told the Perth rental market was dead and not to expect much more than what I had rented it out for in previous years as “things had changed”. This was very disheartening as I had spent A LOT on improving the property and had hoped for a better result. I asked if it was worth renting the property furnished to get a better return and their representative said “No, there wasn’t really a demand for fully furnished anymore.” It was only through pure luck that I started talking to Laura. She was at a counter in a business and we started talking. She is bubbly, friendly and confident so after a while I asked what she did for a living. She said she was in property management, in South Perth. I said did they go as far as Scarborough and she said they certainly did! From that moment everything changed. Laura and her team at M Residential are absolute professionals. Laura was able to see my property at MY earliest convenience, and it was her confidence as she entered the premise that was outstanding. She certainly knows the Perth market as well as every property management law and guideline. She complimented me on how lovely the place looked and after looking around, confidently quoted me a starting price 20% higher than the previous agent, without knowing about the other quote. When I asked if I could earn more rented her reply was “absolutely, let’s advertise both and the market will tell us” I can happily tell you in under 3 weeks I have an excellent new tenant, who has taken it fully furnished and is earning a significant amount more than the first disinterested agent. Laura’s energy and confidence leads an amazing team, it’s no wonder they have won so many industry awards! I highly recommend Laura Levisohn and M Residential. Personally, I have already starting telling my friends (with rental properties) about my experience and to make the change if they want their property represented by the best in Perth!