While Some Agencies Give Little Regard To Property Management Or Regard It As A ‘Nice Little Addition’ To Their Business, At M Residential It Is Core.

While some agencies give little regard to property management or regard it as a ‘nice little addition’ to their business, at M Residential it is core. Both directors, Lee Riddell and Laura Levisohn, have established their careers and ongoing success in property management. M Residential is intentionally growing a specialist property management business that provides a quality of service rivalling any across the nation.

M Residential Property Management is lead by Laura Levisohn. With almost two decades of experience in property and business management, Laura leads a team driven by strong communication, strong relationships and strong attention to detail.

We believe that effective communication is key to any property management service and place the highest priority on regular, ongoing communication with Landlords and Tenants alike.

Effective property management is about effectively preserving assets and maximising the yield on those assets. This requires managing the minutae of a property so that you can enjoy the freedom and assurance that comes from a professional, reliable team.

Our Focus Is Wholely And Solely On The Management Of Your Property And Its Successful Letting, Maintenance, And Ongoing Management.

We believe that a great property management service is built on paying attention to the big and the small. Through dedicating ourselves to developing processes, protocols and systems internally, we have created the ‘big picture’ framework for managing properties with excellence. Yet it’s also by doing a host of little things right that we create a great result for you.

For a property management service that makes you a priority, M Residential is the prudent choice.