We at M Residential have put our heads together and come up with some of the more common mistakes that landlords make by not hiring a qualified property manager.

1. Underestimating the time investment required to manage your investment property
2. Not being fussy enough with tenant selection
3. Forming a direct relationship with tenants
4. Lazy rent rises
5. A relaxed approach to late payment
6. A property manager who can’t provide you with the tools to have your finger on the pulse of your property portfolio
7. Thinking infrequent communication from your property manager is normal
8. Not using property management specialists
9. Hiring an inexperienced Property Manager
10. Choosing a Property Manager who doesn’t respect you or your tenant

At M Residential, we’ve been developing systems, processes, practices, policies and infrastructure to give property investors the highest return on their investment and the most mistake-free, service-rich property management service imaginable. The outcome is a fully systemized, stress-free, efficient property management service. A property management service that protects your investment, gives you security and allows you to enjoy your life without a hovering cloud of concern!

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