It is natural to obtain more than one quote when undertaking major work around the family home or investment property such as replacing a stove, repainting and re-carpeting.

In the majority of cases, most people obtain two quotes to ensure that the best deal is being obtained. All too often however, property investors call for a third quote.

We, at M Residential have found that a growing number of contractors are now charging for quotes (which is reasonable when ‘bargain hunters’ can waste their valuable time) and if successful are deducting the cost from the work invoice.

By calling for three quotes, property investors are delaying the repair or refurbishment which costs them more money again in the form of lost rent that could have been being collected in this time.

M Residential has a ready source of reliable, proven and trustworthy contractors who can provide quotes quickly, often at little or no cost (due to the ongoing relationship) and at a reasonable invoice price.

Avoid the three quote syndrome and save yourself money by enabling the work to be done sooner and your property to start earning an income.